#OGWC19 – Old Girls’ “World Cup” – June Update – 21.06.19 Soissons, France.


#OGWC19       Final Update 14th June 2019.

Hi Everyone,

This is the final update that we’ll send out as we only have 1 WEEK TO GO!  Exciting!

Thanks to those who have forwarded their Team Sheets already, we look forward to receiving the rest, whether it’s prior to leaving or on the day.

We just thought we would clarify a couple of things, so it’s clear how the evening is going to work.  It’s quite difficult to get a system to make it all run smoothly with all the different players, so this is how it’s going to work:

11v11 Cup Competition – Evening.

We would like to re-iterate that this is a competition to win the Cup and will be played after players have already played during the day.  Please make sure you are comfortable with playing the amount of football that could be involved.  If you want to play in the evening and you have players in your team during the day who aren’t, it may be a good idea to manage game time, as you see fit, for those who are playing in the evening.   There are 16 shirts to play for in the evening squads and squads will be chosen during the day, by appointed Managers.  Obviously, the Managers will want to pick players who they think will do well in the Cup Competition so please don’t be disappointed if your name isn’t picked!  Please also make sure that you have a connection with the country you choose to play for and not just choose it as you may have more chance of playing.

Here’s how it will work:

When the team sheet is confirmed on the morning, the players who have ticked to play in the evening will be given a wristband of the colour of the team they want to play for. ie. white for England, red for Wales, navy for USA & light blue for RoW. This will then have the player’s name written on.

A Manager and Assistant will be appointed for each country for the evening and throughout the day they will try and watch the players who have wristbands for their teams. When the Festival is finished there will be an opportunity for those who have chosen to play to pull out if they feel it’s not for them, after playing their games.

During the break, all players who have chosen to play will meet their Managers/Assistants and the teams will be picked. Remember this is the competition to win the Cup so players will be picked on that basis. Once the teams have been picked they will get to know each other during the break, be given their shirt and the team sheet for the evening will need to be completed. This needs to be done by 6pm. The registration for the evening will be 6.30pm ready for the first game (England play-off) to be kicked off at 6.45.

All the knockout games will be 20 minutes each with a 5-minute half time break and change of ends. It will be hot and already quite a bit of football will have been played so it was felt that 20 minutes is enough for each game. If the games end in a draw there will be no extra time, just 3 penalties.

Everyone playing in the 11v11 games MUST know the 11 a-side rules.


Travel from Berny Riviere to Soissons.

We are currently arranging transport from the campsite to Soissons, either by coach or mini buses, on the day of the Festival.  Details are on the Event on Facebook but if you haven’t seen it and would like to be included, please comment on the post on the Event asap so you can be included in the numbers.  The cost will be 10 Euros for the return journey.  Times of departure for the morning and evening will be advised.  Places are limited as it looks like there is only one coach being provided by the campsite and we’re not sure how many journeys they are prepared to do.  We have been told about 115/120 players so far.  Please reply to the following thread if you are interested and we may be able to get everyone covered.


BBC South East – Inside Out.

We met with Producer/Director Sam Supple at the beginning of June and discussed the filming of the Event.

Sam will be at the Pool Bar Meet Up on the Thursday evening and we will have a sort of “opening ceremony” there with the 4 flags of the evening countries.  He will be filming throughout the day of the Festival but will also be concentrating on the evening “international” matches for the #OGWC19.  He will then be filming a bit at the campsite on Saturday and will follow anyone who is going to the Valenciennes game on Sunday evening.  I think there are still tickets left for this game, if anyone is staying until Sunday.  Fingers crossed England win the group as that would be amazing to see them in that game!


A bit later than planned we now have the name of the French Women’s Charity where 50% of the money raised will go.  The charity is called DAMARA which is a national association for domestic violence and they have an office in Soissons.   Tickets will be sold during the day of the Festival.  If you want to donate any raffle prizes, please feel free!

Under 30s.

We have been advised by 3 teams that they have more than 2 under 30s players.  Not wanting to turn people away, we have put those teams in the same group and we may be able to sort out potentially playing another unders’ player or swapping players around.  If you have more than the amount of under 30s stipulated, please let us know asap.  Thanks.  There are also teams with more than the recommended maximum of 10 players.  Again, we don’t want to turn players away so it will be up to team managers to manage their game time.

Game Times.

Games during the day for the Festival will be 16 minutes each with a 2 min. ht break. Timings are attached on the front cover of the Programme.


Please use the hashtag #OGWC19 on any social media posts and photos so we can find them!  Thanks.

If you have any further questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Carol Bates, Jo Treharne & Siona Murray – COGS, Bags & Welsh Lionesses.