Margaret O’Nions – Mother’s Day – March 2023

When we first met Margaret, she was completely new to football and came along with her friend, Susan, who we wrote about for International Women’s Day.  Susan and Margaret are the friends who always come to football together, that’s just how we refer to them!

Margaret (l) and Susan (r)

Since joining the COGS’ Walking Football session, we have seen Margaret’s confidence increase, along with her football skills and at our Christmas Event last year, Margaret was voted as the Walking Football Player of the Session.

Margaret’s husband has managed several boys’ League football teams and her son played from seven to seventeen, so she always supported from the sidelines.  Margaret, like a lot of the “missed generation” didn’t get the opportunity to play at her all girls’ school but enjoyed athletics.  Margaret later played badminton and enjoyed walking and cycling.

To celebrate how inspiring Margaret is, we wanted to recognise her in this Mother’s Day “Be Inspired – Be Inspiring” piece, so we sent Margaret some questions……

What made you want to come and play walking football?

I was encouraged by a friend to come and join, as the girls are fun and friendly.  I was keen to improve my fitness and exercise, as before lockdown and moving to Crawley Down from Surrey to be with my Grandchildren and Son, we would regularly go walking and cycling the beautiful trails in the Peak District.

You joined us last year and you won the COGS Player of the Session Award, which was voted for by your fellow players. How did that make you feel?

I was very surprised and slightly embarrassed as I still have lots to learn.  I have learnt positioning and control from watching and learning from by Granddaughter’s U14 girls team, by being a side line supporter.

What is it that you like about playing football and had you always liked football before you joined us?

I like being part of a team, I enjoy the opportunity to get the exercise and the fresh air football provides.  Although, family have always played and been involved in football, I honestly had no interest apart from viewing from the side lines!

We’ve really noticed how your confidence has increased on the pitch, since you joined us. What has playing walking football given you?

After Covid/Lockdown and moving into a new area, I was very nervous about going out.  I now feel I have increased my confidence and am now able to pursue other activities in the area.

What would you say to other women reading this who haven’t been active in many years?

Come and get involved!  YOU will enjoy it and you are never as old as you think, give it a go.

Finally, what would you say to anyone considering getting active at a later age?

Just do it, as once you have overcome the trying something new, it will bring you out of your comfort zone and find that team spirit that is at COGS.

That’s a great message from Margaret!  You are never as old as you think and just do it!

Well done, Margaret, you are an inspiration to many other women out there.

You can find more information on our Walking Football sessions under the Sessions menu and here is our Walking Football video which will give you a good idea of the fun and easy way to get active!