Rebecca & Jack – March 2021 – Mother’s Day

Rebecca is another inspiring COG and has been challenging herself to Couch to 5K during Lockdown, even though her favourite running is running with a football!

Here are Rebecca’s thoughts on what football has done for her son and, in return, Jack put something together about how football has been good for his Mum!


It’s been so lovely seeing Jack’s love for football grow year on year from a young age. Not only seeing him improve and become a great footballer but the team spirit and general love of the game has been lovely to see and become part of.

Football has become such a big part of his life and I hope his love of the game continues. Football brings so much more than just the sport, you can learn so much from football and most importantly having fun, making friends whilst exercising in the fresh air is invaluable and so important for youngsters both physically and mentally.

Jack says about his Mum joining COGS and playing football in her 50’s:

I like that my Mum plays football with the COGS, her game has improved because she has worked on her football skills.

It’s good that she has tried something different and I know she really enjoys it and has lots of fun at COGS.