Viv Moore – March 2021 – #IWD

Viv is another inspirational woman who comes to COGS.  At aged 65, Viv celebrated her Birthday by turning up to a COGS session to play football.  No one knew Viv’s age and we were all shocked to hear that she wasn’t actually 50!

Viv continues to inspire many women and we’re so glad she joined us.

“When I am at any session I do not feel my age. It isn’t important. It is all about participating and having fun.”

“Before I became a season ticket holder at Crawley Town, I used to queue for a ticket for home games on a Saturday afternoon. In the ticket office was a COGs poster showing women playing football. I looked at that poster knowing I wanted to be part of that but really feeling that age was against me. I recall playing football with my brothers many years ago and, of course, it wasn’t an option at school. So that was that.

This board, from the EFL Trust 10 Year Anniversary celebrations, is now in the Reception area at Crawley Town FC.

Anyway, fate lent a hand. I was working at a local school with Bex Farley who knew I wanted to play and she, very kindly, arranged to take me along to my first session. I have to say that no wasn’t an option here and I am so grateful that Bex insisted on picking me up.

I loved it. Clearly, the football was the main attraction but there was so much more. There was the warmest of welcomes, friendliness, support, humour and fun. There is something unique about this group. It is so positive.

Viv, on her 65th Birthday! What an inspiration.

I am retired with adult children, my daughter has just turned 40. COGs has given me something totally unexpected. When I am at any session I do not feel my age. It isn’t important. It is all about participating and having fun. It is beneficial on so many different levels. Not only do I get to play football and learn new skills, I also have met so many lovely ladies who are kind, caring and supportive. And, as well as all of that, thanks to Carol, I have a brand new pair of trainers!”

Viv won a brand new pair of Nike Running Trainers in a competition by Alex Scott, MBE, when she was nominated by COGS.

We think you’ll all agree that Viv is the epitome of celebrating inspirational women on International Women’s Day 2021!