Some of the ladies told us what joining the Crawley Old Girls meant to them…….

Pauline Maddocks (58) – “COGs has changed my life.  I am now a football crazy 58 year old who loves the fun, fitness, friendship and laughter we have at the training sessions.  Even more excited now we are getting to play competitive games against other ladies.” April 2017.

Sandra Rees (49) –  “From that very first session in 2015 I was hooked, the ladies that came along were just like me, loved football but had never had the chance to play, we were all a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect but within seconds we were laughing and getting stuck in. What a complete whirlwind of a ride for the last 2 years, one I never want to get off of.. I’m loving it too much and it gives me more to life than just working and being a mum!”  April 2017

Celia Newman (55) – “I love the fun, fitness and friendship.  It’s a sport I always wanted to play.”  April 2017

Maria Iula Harris (47) – “One of the best decisions I made was to turn up to football training and I now coach U8 girls to play a sport I have fallen in love with playing.”  April 2017

Carol Bates (50) – “Quite frankly, it’s completely changed my life!”  April 2017

Samantha Brewer (38) – “I thought I had hung my boots for good 20 years ago. However, the amazing COGS venture went from strength to strength allowing dozens of women to socialise through fun football and fitness.”  April 2017

Alison McMullan (47) – “Friends, confidence, structure, fun, sport, more friends, more fun!”  April 2017

Jane Kirkham (47) – “Fitness, fun, football, fantasy*, friends, frolics, fabulous, freedom!”  *(we’re not quite sure what the fantasy was!!)  April 2017

Kelly Byworth (42) – “I started going to COGs cause I wanted to get active, plus my daughter played football and wanted to experience what she did, over 2 years later and a couple of injuries, I’m still loving the buzz it gives, being with fellow mums who have fallen into the love of the game. For me I’ve lost weight which I wanted, feel fitter and having a better social life, I have not just joined a team but a new football family with new friendships.”  July 2017

Kerry Read (40) – “With a husband and a daughter both playing football and enjoying it so much and after seeing a programme on tv about men in an over 40s team, I thought to myself that there HAS to be an older women’s team out there somewhere that I can join. Little did I know that COGs was just a google away and they only trained just down the road! I loved that I got such a warm welcome from the ladies already there and there are such mixed abilities in the group that I didn’t ever feel out of my depth. It is so much fun, a great way to meet new people and learn a new skill and a brilliant way to start using muscles you never knew you had!” October 2017

Ginny Edwards (57) – “Coming across COGS on the google search button (no idea what I was searching for now) has literally changed my life.  I have something to look forward to every week, as soon as I finish the weekly training session I am looking forward to the next one.  I can honestly say I have not met a nicer bunch of women.  Everyone is so friendly and made me feel a part of COGS from the very first session.  I cannot thank everyone involved enough, after all these years …’ I am living the dream’  I am playing football with amazing people. Thank you.”  October 2017

Gillian Weston (54) – “Being able to learn to play football at the age of 54 has been, and continues to be, an incredible experience. I am fitter, happier, more confident and have met some great people.  The first time I wore my COGS shirt was up there with all the best moments of my life…   getting a medal for playing in a tournament brought tears to my eyes!  The camaraderie is superb and I feel part of something really special.”  March 2018

Tracey Thornton (49) – I joined the COGS as I was looking for a way to increase my fitness levels with the reassurance that having a professional coach would mean I could exercise safely. It really is true that you are never too old to learn new skills & my competitive nature which I had all but forgotten has truly been reignited! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would take part in the FA’s People Cup. In addition to the fitness benefits, COGS has improved my confidence levels and the drills certainly test my thinking skills. Most importantly, I have made some friends for life. Having the COGS Army cheer you on whilst playing in a tournament is the most amazing feeling. As a Crawley Town fan, I wear my COGS shirt with great pride!” April 2018

Kim Joselyn (58) – “I started playing with Crawley COGS, earlier this year, after being inspired by a work colleague and friend Cat Gibson, who  found out through chatting, that I use to play  football over 30 years ago, first for Shoreham and then for Brighton.  After a great first training session with Brad, and meeting all the lovely ladies, and listening to their banter with him, which is hilarious, I knew it was the place for me.  I did however realise how overweight and unfit I had become and was inspired by the wonderful ladies I have met at COGS, to keep playing to improve my fitness and to lose weight. So I also joined Slimming World, in four months of playing football and slimming world I have lost 3 stone.

I have played four great tournaments and absolutely loved every one of them. I have met some amazing people, and my whole social life is on the up, I am fitter and slimmer and without doubt,I would recommend this brilliant club to everyone.  Massive thanks to all at COGS, you have all inspired me.” September 2019