Kerry Jinks – January 2019.

Kerry, aged 37, (aka Jinksy) tells us her story and how she now feels being able to play football at a later age!

“From a young age I have always loved football. I’d be the one in the garden in my brother’s hand me down football shirt forever kicking a ball over the fence and asking the neighbours if I could have my ball back.

As I grew up and went to secondary school it became quite clear girls weren’t meant to play football, so I kept my love hidden inside.

When I first met my husband Ashley, 17 years ago, I never mentioned my love for football until he took me to watch Brighton one day and he saw how much I knew about the game and loved watching the Albion play.

My parents still weren’t keen and told me women didn’t play or watch football so once again I couldn’t embrace the sport as much as I wanted to and kept my feelings inside.

From a young girl desperate to play football to today, fulfilling a dream!

It’s only over the last seven years when caring and nursing my mother through cancer and her sad death that I once again turned to football for some sort of solace.

I wanted to help my Dad through the tragic loss and realised his love for sport could do this.  He always loved to watch a good game of football, so my brother and I decided to take him to watch Crawley Town and he loved it so much he became a season ticket holder.

It wasn’t till last year and after further personal tragedy I picked up his match day programme and discovered the COGS existed.  This was my opportunity to play football, so I battled my anxiety and joined up in Jan 2018.

Well, what can I say they are a group of amazing, friendly, supportive and caring women who made me feel so welcome.  I have made so many wonderful friends who I can share my love of the beautiful game with and my personal experiences.

I will never look back and will be ever grateful for all their support.

Thanks COGS you have changed my life.”