Lisa & George – March 2021 – Mother’s Day

Lisa inspires us with her tenacity, great football skills she’s learned and she also runs, along with her young Son, George.  George wrote a poem for Lisa and here are their stories:


My Son, George 11, wrote a poem about me playing football for the Mother’s Day piece and titled it Mummy Has A Game Face.

I wanted to explain how and why this happened in the hope it might inspire others to put on their #GameFace just like me and join the awesome and brilliant COGS!

I never had a game face before, not at school and certainly not whilst growing up.  Football was a sport played by boys, so instead I took up the usual things, running, zumba and then eventually horse riding and spent a big chunk of time competing in Dressage, until I had my children.

When the kids grew older, they both got into grassroots football.  I was always on the side-lines watching their training sessions and continue to watch their matches in the Crawley and Horsham Leagues.  Football, and the passion my children both have for the sport, is a massive part of our family life.  Watching them play with their team mates along with my pounding heart when the whistle blows is just amazing and playing football, no matter what age or ability you are, has so many hidden benefits.

It was not until George joined the Crawley Town Elite Youth Squad, that I even knew that Women’s Recreational Football existed and that is when I heard about Carol Bates and the COGS.  I went along to my first session, having never played before and have not looked back and that is how I came to have what my Son calls, “The Game Face”.  They have both inspired me to play after all these years and I will always be so thankful for this and to Carol who set up the COGS.

It is amazing that you can love something so much without even knowing it existed for you before!”


“My Mummy Has A Game Face
I love Mummy, especially when she plays footy, she is different to the rest!
My Mummy has a game face, but she loves her family best!
She always borrows my socks and shin pads!  Mummy!!
She loves Grealish, yuck and she supports Villa even though we support the Blues!
She always has a plan to score and in the garden I hear her roar!
Together we practice our shooting, opps another ball over the fence!
I love our 1v1s and I help teach mummy some awesome skills!
Wednesdays are our favourite days, we both have training even when it’s raining!
Mummy, I love you to the moon and back, keep playing and go COGs!”

That’s amazing, George!