Lisa & Aimee – Mother’s Day – March 2021

We asked some of our COGS what it was like, not only for them to play football with the COGS but what did their Sons/Daughters think of it.

We think Lisa is pretty awesome and along with another COG, Nikki, they have given many girls the opportunity to now play football.  Well done, Lisa & Nikki!

Here’s Lisa’s story:

“One of my favourite passions that I share with my children is football.

I especially enjoy watching the joy and excitement on my daughter’s face when she plays with her U12 team.  My son joined Crawley Down Gatwick FC when he was 5 and my daughter (aged 9 at the time) asked me why there weren’t any girls teams. I thought this was a very good question, so I spoke to Nikki Morton, one of our COGS and between us and another friend Mark, we convinced the Chairman to let us have a go at setting up a girls’ team. Fast forward 3 years and we now have an expanding girls’ section at Crawley Down with teams available for girls age 5 to 12!

I remember asking at school when I was around 14 if the girls could play football and was told categorically that girls were only allowed to play netball and hockey.  In January 2019 I saw an advert for COGS inviting beginners along. I immediately messaged Carol and she assured me that the sessions were suitable for beginners. My sister Nicola and I went along to the first session wondering what we had let ourselves in for and absolutely loved it.  It’s more than just football, it’s an hour laughing and exercising with a lovely group of women.  Football is the thing I’ve missed most during lockdown, not just playing but seeing my children enjoying themselves every week at training and during matches.

Aimee – Age 11

I’m really pleased that my mum set up the girls team with Nikki & Mark so I get to play football every week with girls and not boys.

I also like the fact that on a Wednesday after I finish my training session my mum goes out to do her football training. I hope that one day I see her play on the 11 aside pitch at Crawley Town! I like how my mum is so passionate about her football and each day she always tells me to never give up on myself.  My mum has taken me to quite a few matches so I’ve been able to get photos with some of the Lionesses.”