COGS ON TOUR – MK Rec. Fest. – July 2023

In February 2023, Casey Lynchey from Bury FC Recreational posted on the Women’s Rec. Facebook group, that they would love to have more games.  Kate Davidson from MK United then replied to say they would be interested in playing friendlies, too.  It then turned into a suggestion that Bury FC Rec., COGS & MK Utd should talk about running a Festival in Milton Keynes for the 3 teams and so it began….

Kate set up some meetings, we all agreed on the format and that it would be just for fun with a few teams from each Club.  Kate got to work and sorted a venue and we all agreed a date.  The MK Rec. Fest was on!

We all decided that it would be great for all our women to get together and play some fun football without scores being kept etc.  After meeting through social media and a couple of face to face meet ups at various events, previously, this was a great opportunity for everyone to get together with their teams. A team from the North, one from the South and one in the middle made it an easy decision where to hold it.

With the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand being held during July and August, as a celebration of that, we were going to add the teams’ flags around the 3G.  That soon changed to fighting with the wind to put up a few outside the entrance, in the end!

Credit: John Warlosz

With meticulous planning from Kate, everything was covered and the planning for COGS on Tour MK 2023, was in full swing!

COGS on Tour t-shirts were ordered (thanks Deb!) with nicknames (some a bit more dodgy than others!).

It was also Charlotte’s 30th Birthday over the weekend, so the secret group chats and planning to make it a great weekend for Charlotte’s birthday began.

A minibus was organised for the majority who managed to put their luggage in one small bag and everyone else took the opportunity to travel with a bit more luggage!  Thanks, Kim W for organising all that and the decorations for Charlotte.

Clare began a major operation to provide everyone with some specially printed items (as well as some COGS printed miniatures of our favourite shots!) and as well as our tote bags, Popworld VIP booths were booked.

Now, if you’ve been to Popworld in Birmingham on a night out, that may not have filled you with hope of no sticky floors and some suspect cheesy music but it couldn’t have been more different!

Anyway, back to the football.

Both teams (COGS Black & Red) had some really good, fun games with both Bury & MK and it was clear to see that everyone who played was playing in the spirit of the day, which always makes it fun and enjoyable.  Thanks to all the referees and Frazer for all his help, as well as John who was on photo duty.

After the games, Charlotte was given her gifts, along with a video from the COGS and Kate organised for everyone to be given medals, which were much appreciated.

We also chose a player of each club to be our Player of the Festival and to receive some Prosecco (a common theme among Rec. Festivals!) although, with the COGS it had to go to 2 players, in Pagey and Viv, so it was 1/2 a bottle each.

Gifts were exchanged and Casey very kindly gifted Carol & Kate with a Female Football Factory t-shirt to celebrate the WWC.  Casey has recently launched a clothing range and you can find some great t-shirts and football wear by searching Female Football Factory.  Thank you, Casey, it will be worn with pride!

After a few drinks and the cake presented to Charlotte, it was time to go to the hotel to get ready for our night out.  Unfortunately, the Premier Inn systems were all down and it took quite a while for the rooms to be issued manually, with various COGS having to return to Reception, having interrupted people who were already in the rooms they were given!  After some embarrassing situations, it was third time lucky for some before they were given an empty room!

Rooms sorted, a quick shower and change and it was off to the pub for some food to line the stomachs, if the later drinks were anything to go by.  Charlotte was greeted by another 20 odd COGS looking like her (well done, Kim, on the masks) and her cake to eat, this time with the candles lit.

Then on to Popworld, which turned out to be a genius idea, where Clare had booked the VIP area and had organised some real treats for everyone.  The drinks were massive and covered every table, along with the props and flashing foam poles.  Was also good to see that Popworld was using the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, for the Woowoos, that we were involved in advertising!  Great music, which wasn’t just cheese and the whole night was just brilliant.  A night to remember.

Thanks to everyone who got involved and those who did so much organising to make what was a weekend in Milton Keynes an EPIC one!

COGS ON TOUR well and truly delivered and we don’t think Charlotte will forget her 30th!  Football, friendship and fun – what more could you ask for…..