Jorgia Ponder – March 2023 – #IWD

Jorgia’s Story.

Jorgia joined us last year and has immersed herself in all of COGS.  Whether it be the beginners, intermediate or learning some goalkeeping or offering to be a COGS Buddy, Jorgia is there with her enthusiasm and smiley face, inspiring others.


We are so glad Jorgia joined us.  Here is Jorgia’s story:

“I came across COGS on a facebook post, after searching on and off for ladies football since moving to Crawley a couple of years before.

I immediately wanted to join and sent a message to see how! I had given birth in July 2022 to my daughter and five weeks later I attended my first COGS session – I absolutely loved it!

Playing in her first Sussex FA Women’s Rec. Festival – Feb. 2023

I had been finding everything overwhelming and had tried to come the week before but couldn’t bring myself to attend but, with the help of my friend coming too, I pushed myself to go to that first session and it was one of the best things I have done!

Joining in with the GK training beginners course.

I enjoyed it so much, everyone was just really welcoming and I just felt at ease from the beginning. The training was fun with lots of laughter with people of all ages and abilities. It was just what I needed! Mentally and Physically!

I am so pleased that we attended that first session! I have had a great time ever since. I now feel very much part of COGS!”

Jorgia is now very much part of COGS and will be a COGS Buddy for the Beginners session so that other women who come and join us won’t need to feel nervous about coming as you’ll have a buddy to welcome you!

If you want to find out more about any of the sessions, check out our Sessions menu and each session will have all the details on there.

Please don’t be nervous or worried about attending a first session, as Jorgia will tell you that it was all ok and you will be welcomed by some awesome women!

If you would like any further information, you can email

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