An Historic Friendly at The Old Spotted Dog Ground – 5th September 2021

We wouldn’t usually do a website piece about our friendlies that we take part in but today was slightly different.  We were invited to take part in an historic day with Clapton CFC and N16 at The Old Spotted Dog ground for the first games on the newly renovated pitch.

Our connection with Ellie, Julie and the women who play for N16 goes back to 2016 when we first met them as one of the other 5 teams in the FA People’s Cup Final in the Women’s Vets Competition.  It was our first attempt at playing in any competitive games then and N16 had got a team together of former players just to play in it.  We have always kept in touch, ever since.

Ellie, who is an incredible, humble person and gives up so much of her time to help people into football, asked the question a few years ago to Clapton Community FC as to why they didn’t have a women’s team and was told that if she could start one up there would be a place for them, at CCFC.  There, the story starts…..

Not only did Ellie start up a women’s team, she helped create a women’s recreational section for beginners and intermediate players, as well as get involved in the restoration of The Old Spotted Dog football ground (which is London’s oldest senior football ground) and will soon be seeing another historic day when the Women’s team play there for the first time.  After many hours spent fundraising and getting people together along with the other members of The Old Spotted Ground Trust, which many people have donated and volunteered their time to, The Old Spotted Dog football ground, today, held it’s first matches after agreement was obtained.  Today, Clapton CFC women, N16 and COGS participated in some fun, recreational games on the newly restored pitch and what a beautiful day it was to do it.  There is plenty more work to be done and much has been done already but what a proud day for us to be invited to play on the newly restored pitch along with N16 and the Clapton CFC recreational women.  All games were played in a great spirit with lots of fun and laughter.  There was some good football played and we all just admired what had been done over the last few years to try and make this wonderful old school ground come back to life again.  There were some fantastic reminders of the ground’s history, still there as well.

We were absolutely delighted to be a part of today and can’t thank Ellie & Julie enough for their invite and hospitality along with some medals that we will treasure from a great afternoon.

If anyone would like to read more about the restoration of The Old Spotted Dog, you can read all about their history, progress and news updates on their website and the photos above will give you an idea of the history that is being kept too.

What a brilliant afternoon with some great women, playing small sided games and one large game with everyone involved at the end.  A great way to spend a very sunny and hot Sunday afternoon!

If you would like to donate to the project, you can do it on their website here: