FA People’s Cup Semi-Finals – Wimbledon – 24th March 2018

In what was a surprise, a few weeks prior to the event, COGS TWO found themselves in the Semi-Finals of the FA People’s Cup, at Goals Wimbledon, with all the runners-up and winners from the local First Round games!

Having been beaten by N16 in the First Round Final at Gillette Goals, in Isleworth in February, COGS TWO thought they had been knocked out, as all the runners-up teams were told that only the winners went through to the Semi-Finals.

However, in reality, both the winners and runners-up from each venue were invited to the Semi-Finals to compete again for a place in the Adult Female Vets’ Final.  The same surprise was also awarded to our friends the Canterbury Old Bags so we all met up at Wimbledon for another afternoon of fun and football.  Although, having to play some very experienced teams, the team needed to be full of concentration and hard work!

COGS TWO, led by Captain Pauline Maddocks. L to R Katharine Holman, Pauline Maddocks, Carly Farrell, Emma Loughran, Helen West, Mary Mannion & Kim Condon.

Each team had to play 7 games and unfortunately, COGS TWO didn’t make the last four, along with the Canterbury Old Bags but the friendship between our two teams was there for all to see!   There was some great football on display and some heroic goalkeeping by Emma Loughran and Carly Farrell.  A few black eyes were brought back home!

Pauline Maddocks (COGS TWO Capt.) and Jo Treharne (Chief Bag) embrace after the game against each other.
There is always time for a COGS and COBS photo opportunity!

The Semi-Final’s Day was also recorded by BBC Get Inspired, who brought along a famous visitor (Alex Scott MBE) to surprise the current holders, Hackney Jurassics.  Alex was at Wimbledon with DJ Nick Bright (who does a lot of work for BBC Sport), to capture the spirit of the day and get some interviews, which included a couple with Carol Bates.

L-R – Amanda Barnes (BBC Sport, Karen Turner, Carol Bates, Nick Bright & Alex Scott MBE).
Carol Bates being interviewed by Alex Scott MBE.
Carol Bates & the COGS being interviewed by DJ Nick Bright, which then ended up in a COGS’ bundle!

The teams to make it to the Final on the day, were X-Saints and Sports4Tots.  Both teams contained ex-professionals and we were no match for them, unfortunately!   X-Saints beat the holders, Hackney Jurassics, on penalties, and Sports4Tots overcame Bexhill Ladies.    Sports4Tots were the victors of the Female Vets Final, beating the X-Saints and we wish them good luck in the Finals, which are to be held at St. George’s Park.

It was great to be involved in the Semi-Finals and what a journey we’ve had this year, after being involved in the Launch and the FA People’s Cup Advert.  A year to remember!  Same time next year?!

The COGS help launch the FA People’s Cup at St. George’s Park – January 2018
All the teams invited to help launch the FA People’s Cup at St. George’s Park – January 2018.