Introducing Our New COGS’ Coach – Gavin Gordon – Sept. 20.

Exciting News!  Gavin Gordon is our new Beginners/Intermediate session COGS’ Coach!

Gavin, our new Beginners/Intermediate session COGS’ Coach.

For a while now and with the increase in attendees to the Beginners’ session of COGS, it has become clear that some of our COGS are no longer beginners!  With some of our women who have attended for a few years, it was felt a while ago, that we needed to introduce a new session which would cater for the beginners who were now capable of moving in the direction of intermediate players.  Unfortunately, the Crawley Town Community Foundation couldn’t facilitate another session and therefore, as a Committee, we decided to introduce a new COGS’ Beginners/Intermediate session, with our own coach.  This will now complete the pathway for any woman who wants to join COGS as a beginner, then play their way into the intermediate and advanced sessions, if they want to.

Having run some additional coaching sessions for our COGS outside our usual sessions, Gavin Gordon (who is a Level 2 coach) was asked to come and join us.  Gavin has a great rapport with the COGS he’s already coached and is well respected by them, so he was the ideal choice to ask!  Gavin was delighted to join us and we asked him some quick fire questions to find out about his coaching history and what he could bring to this new session.

CB:  Gavin, it’s great to confirm that you will be officially coaching the new beginners/intermediate session for the COGS.  How long have you been coaching for and where did it all start?

GG:  I have been coaching for 7 years now and started in Youth Football, first.  I then progressed into a senior level for Men’s Semi-Professional Football with Redhill, for 4 years.

CB:  What have you been doing in the last year?

GG:  For the last year I have been coaching at Chelsea Foundation at a Youth level. Whilst coaching here I have also been doing regular one to one and small group sessions for various ages and abilities. Alongside, I have also coached Maidenbower Colts U10s and U7s, which involves weekly training, games and tournaments.

CB:  How did you hear about the COGS?

GG:  Through doing these sessions, I was approached to coach some of the COGS (who are parents) on a regular basis, to help them develop their technical skills and confidence to become better players.

CB:  How do you coach your sessions?

GG:  My sessions are always planned for the ability of the group or individual.  Whilst I seek to improve their technical, physical and game related approach within my practices, I also work to build up their confidence and mindset as a player to achieve their goals, while also creating a fun, learning environment for them.

CB:  How was your own journey, playing football?

GG:  Personally, I have been involved and around football for as long as I can remember.  I started as a youth player and then transitioned into senior semi-professional men’s football.

CB:  How do you see your role with the COGS? 

GG:  I’m very passionate about the game and keen for anyone I come into contact with to learn and improve, as well as enjoy their football experience with me.  I’m always interested in learning new things and trying to improve and adapt to be the best coach I can possibly be, along the way.  We are going to have a great deal of fun and I’m really looking forward to starting my new role.

CB:  Thanks, Gavin.  We’re really looking forward to you joining us!

The new Beginners/Intermediate session will take place after the existing Beginners’ session at the 3G (opposite the Redz Bar) at Crawley Town FC and start on Wednesday 23rd September.  Check out our website for further details on how to book, the Covid Guidelines and when to turn up!  The link is here: