Radio 4 Woman’s Hour with Jane Garvey – 31st January 2017.

The last week in January 2017 was as busy as it gets!

With Tracey Crouch’s visit, the Inside Out programme being shown and then a visit to Radio 4, it’s fair to say the COGs were receiving a lot of media attention!  This was absolutely fantastic, as it helped encourage so many more women to get involved for the first time and many are still playing today.

After the BBC’s Inside Out programme aired on the 3oth January, we had a call from Director, Sam Supple, to say that we may be invited to go onto the Radio 4 show the next day.   In the space of about 30 minutes, all was confirmed and Carol Bates, Pauline Maddocks and Sandra Rees had all taken the day off and arranged to travel to London to talk to Jane Garvey about the COGs.

What a great experience to be able to go on a national radio station and talk about something we all feel so passionate about.  We think Jane Garvey secretly wished she lived in Crawley so she could come along!  What a great morning.

The link to the show is here: